The impact of mass tourism on bali |

Bali, Indonesia, 2016/17


When we think about Bali we all have in our mind the images of white beaches, perfect waves, uncontaminated nature, of its beautiful people and of the perfect harmony between human kind and its surroundings.


Was that still the case?


Since the late 90s, more and more white men made of Bali their home, with an incredible rising number of tourists landing on its shores every year. At first, there were people unhappy of their everyday hectic life, looking for a deeper spiritual and physical connection. Then, mass tourism came.


I started wondering if that would have had an impact on this wonderful land, on its people and on its nature. What I saw, shocked me: an infinite number of resorts and hotels, growing up like mushrooms in every corner of the island; rivers and beaches filled with trash; and a new religion - economy - that took over the secular traditions, transforming them into a profitable attraction.